Product Care

[Leather Care Tip # 1- Stuff It With Papers] 

We all love leather bags because they are natural beauty and can last for years. It is important to keep them in proper shape in order to maintain their original beauty.

Stuff paper or unwanted clothes in your bag before storage as shown below.

[Leather Care Tip # 2 -Unbuckle Straps or Unbutton Buttons Before Storage]

When you plan to store item for long term, unbuckle the straps and unbutton all buttons. This prevent folds and creases.

[Leather Care Tip # 3 - Never Stack Bags When They Are Not In Used] 

Do not to stack leather bags on top of each other during storage. This is to prevent folds, creases and color migration from one bag to another. 

If you would like to store them for long periods, keep them in dust bags.

[Leather Care Tip # 4 For Full Grain Leather] 

Full grain leather is the highest quality leather type with minimal process applied to it. They are porous can be easily stained. If you spill liquid on your bag, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth to prevent staining.

[Leather Care Tip #5

Never Overfill Soft Leather Long Purse/Wallet] 

It is very important not to over-stuff your purse/wallet as it will never return to its original shape. 

[Leather Care Tip #6]

It is advisable to treat your leather bags with anti-mold coatings on a regular basis.

[Leather Care Tip #7]

Keep your bags clean. Wipe them regularly with dry cloth or leather cleaning solution.


[Leather Care Tip #8]
If your bag gets wet , air-dry naturally and keep away from direct heat source. 


[Leather Care Tip #9]

High humidity environment fosters the growth of mold. Store your bags in a cool and well-ventilated space.

You can consider the following methods to reduce humidity: 
a) Use an air conditioner or a fan for lowering the moisture level 
b) Leave closet and cabinets doors opened for a few hours once a week
c) Let windows opened as much as possible, especially in mould-prone areas
d) Use Silica Gel to absorb moisture and replace a new one when it turns pink. Alternatively, get yourself a reusable dehumidifier if you find replenishing is a hassle and not cost-effective. 


[Leather Care Tip #10]
Leather cracking is a common problem. Cracks usually set in when the leather’s natural oils has been bleached out after a long-term exposure to direct heat source or sunlight and loss in flexibility due to high/low humidity cycles. Body oil and dirt build-up is another culprit that causes cracking in leather too. Cracks happened when the accumulative build-up on the leather becomes more aggressive during daily usage and over period of time, it will break down the leather’s top coating or dye resulting in visible cracks at the surface. 

To prevent leather cracking, do not expose your bags to direct sunlight for long periods. Heat will cause leather to become brittle and crack over time. Clean and moisturize your bags regularly.